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Prior to reading this document you may want to read through the following resources to better understand how the Institute of Trading and Portfolio management operates

  1. Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Organisational Structure 
  2. ITPM Online Educational Video Series FAQ’s 
  3. Becoming an Institute Trader FAQ’s
  4. Affiliate Program background (basic) information 
1. What is the Institute’s Global Affiliate Programme?
The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements Global Affiliate Program allows pre-screened owners of Trading / Portfolio Management communities and Media Channels to offer the Institutes Educational Programs in partnership with the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. 

Community and Media Channel owners that believe the Institute’s education is a valuable resource and who support our educational content and message can now benefit from helping us to spread the word globally and be part of an educational driving force that is changing the way Trading and Portfolio Management education is delivered to the Retail Trader. 

Community and Media owners include Retail Brokers, Trading / Portfolio Management websites, Financial Information Providers (News & Data Vendors), Trading / Portfolio Management Educators, Magazines & other Print Media (Industry Publications), Private Trading / Portfolio Management communities, Corporates & Schools (Both Online & Offline).

2. How do I qualify for the Institute’s Global Affiliate Program?
In order to qualify for the Institutes Global Affiliate Program, you must first apply via the Affiliate section of the Institute website here – We assess the suitability of a potential affiliate on a case by case basis as no one affiliate is exactly the same as another. If you fit into the above categories of Community and Media ownership, you have a corporate ethos that overlaps with the Institutes and you have favourable distribution, then you will have a high chance of success in joining our affiliate program. 

Please note, we do not accept affiliates that have access to small communities of traders / media distribution. This is simply because it is not worth our time to set up the program for very little or no gain in growing our own community. This is also due to the fact that many people attempt to join our affiliate program for the purpose of trying to get our education for themselves. Our screening process will not allow this. The Institutes Global Affiliate Program is intended solely for registered businesses / corporates that provide turnkey sizeable distribution for the Institutes education.

3. How do I apply to become part of the Global Affiliate Program?
Becoming part of the Global Affiliate Program is simple. You must apply via the following link;- 

Before doing so please assess your own suitability. 

If you believe you are suitable and once you have made your application, one of our team will assess your suitability from the information you have provided. Please provide us with as much information as you possibly can to aid us in our decision. If you are deemed a suitable candidate for the Affiliate Program we will then contact you (usually within 7 days) to schedule a call. Usually we will ask you a series of questions on email beforehand so that you can prepare the answers / resources / evidence for the call.

On application to the Affiliate Program you must include your full name, the email address you used to register at the Institute website and your full telephone number including international dialling code. This information is important to us. We require your accurate contact details because we will need to contact you by telephone and email in order to assist you in getting set up with the infrastructure and resources required to join the Global Affiliate Program. 

You will also need to provide us with your company details such as name, country of incorporation, company registration number (or equivalent), company website and distribution capability. Providing all of this information to us as accurately as possible will aid your application and speed up the application process.  

Applications to the Global Affiliate Program that include information that is inaccurate or incomplete will not be considered for the program.

4. Do Affiliates have any legal / contractual obligations?
On successful application to the Global Affiliate Program, Affiliates of ITPM Online Video Series programs will be required to sign and return to the Institute a copy of our standard Terms and Conditions for the Global Affiliate Program. Affiliates will be bound by these Terms and Conditions throughout their participation in the Program. 

The Institute’s Terms and Conditions for the Global Affiliate Program are aimed at providing the participant with a “Best Practices Guide” in helping them and the Institute to operate within the parameters of commercial sensibility and copyright / intellectual property laws in the vast majority of countries.

5. How are referrals from participants in the Global Affiliate Program recorded?
Referrals are recorded electronically via referral codes provided to the participants of the Program. The Institute keeps a full history of all an Affiliate participant’s referral statistics which Affiliate participants always have access too. More information on this will be provided to participants on successful application to the program during the set-up process.
6. How do participants of the Global Affiliate Program receive their Payments?
On successful application to the Global Affiliate Program and during the set-up process, the Institute requires that all participants set-up and maintain a company or personal PayPal account. Payments are made monthly to the participant from the Institute via PayPal (net of any PayPal fees) following the upload and written acceptance of the participant’s monthly sales statistics in their dedicated Affiliate area.  
7. What does the Institute pay me for a referral once I have joined the Global Affiliate Program?
This is proprietary information and can only be discussed once you have successfully been accepted onto the Global Affiliate Program. If you fill out the application form on the Affiliate application page of the Institute website, one of our Account Managers of the Global Affiliate Program will get back to you usually within five days.
8. Who do participants need to contact to discuss the Global Affiliate Program?
You must first apply for the Global Affiliate Program and as long as you qualify you will then be provided with and contacted by our dedicated Global Affiliate Program Account Manager.


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