1. Are there any restrictions on becoming a subscriber to the Institute’s Data Section?

Yes, there is one major restriction to accessing the Data library of the ITPM website. 

You must be an Alumni of the PTM Video Series at a minimum 

Once you have subscribed to the PTM Video Series, you will be able to subscribe to the data section of the ITPM website at https://itpm.com/data/ via direct checkout for the published rate

You will receive automatic access

2. What If I have taken the Institutes Educational Video Series’ but not become an Institute Trader? Can I become a subscriber to the Institutes Data section?

You can become a subscriber to the Data section of the website as ITPM Alumni. It is not necessary to be an Institute Trader. You just need to follow the links and process your payment via PayPal. You will pay the published rate on the Institute website and you will receive automatic access to the Data section.

3. Once I become an Institute Trader am I obligated to subscribe to the Data section of the website?

No. Your only obligation when you become an Institute Trader is to implement what you have been taught and become consistently profitable. You can update all of your own Data yourself if you so wish. However, if you believe that there is value to having this done for you, then a subscription to the Data section of the Institute website is sensible.

4. How does the Data Section add value to my Trading & Portfolio Management?

The content of the Data section of the Institute website complements our IPLT, PTM, POTM and PFTM Video Series and keeps subscribers ahead of the curve by keeping all data updated in real time. The data section covers all historical and current data of indicators used by Professional Traders. The Spreadsheets also contain formatted content that is easy to understand and organised by the Institutes Statistical Analyst Christopher Quill in order to eliminate many hours of work and interpretation. The content contains over seventy datasets and indicators globally across the United States, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world every month. There are also bespoke Spreadsheets additional to that included in the Institutes Educational Video Series’ that are regularly updated. Taken together this information makes our subscribers better-informed traders and decision makers.        

What is the $ value of this information if I bought it myself outside the Institute?

In terms of $ value there are four ways to assess what a subscriber gets from the Data section;-

i) Sunk / Fixed Tangible CostFirstly there is the initial cost of all historical data. The datasets owned by the Institute are in excess of $30,000 worth of data per subscriber per year. Due to the fact we have many students, we can provide this at a much lower rate to each subscriber. Right off the bat, this is a huge saving! 

ii) OutsourcingSecondly there is the “intangible” benefit/value of outsourcing your Data management back to the Institute. The Institute will be updating all of your spreadsheets and formatting / organising all of your data for you each month in an independent non-biased manner. All you have to do is download the Data when the spreadsheets are released and save them in your personally organised folders. Datasets are updated as and when new numbers are released and you will be alerted by email in real time when the datasets are updated. 

iii) Opportunity Cost of Time. Thirdly, if you are working full time and trading part time (as most Retail Traders are) you will often be preoccupied in your day to day working life and sometimes struggle to maintain your own datasets and processes. The Data section will save you 15-30 hours of work per month, therefore you can concentrate on using that time on making more money in your day job. This benefit is tangible and can be worked out by simply multiplying your own average hourly rate by 15-30 hours per month then annualizing this number (multiply by 12). This is the amount of money the Data section will save you every year. Additionally, you can use this freed up time to increase your trading profitability by concentrating on “earning” in the financial markets rather than getting bogged down in Data Management processes. 

iv) Speed \ Portfolio Savings – Finally. All Institute Datasets are formatted and organised in a way that is easily understandable / interpreted and uploaded within an hour of important data being released. This means if you need to react to important newsflow that materially affects your portfolio but you do not know it has happened, the Data section will prompt you to react and you can do what is right for you, in a speedy and timely manner. The Data provided by the Institute could save and/or make you significant % returns per year in your portfolio.


5. How do I subscribe to the Data Section?

If you have subscribed to the PTM Video Series you are therefore considered ITPM Alumni. All you have to do is navigate to the data section of the Institute website https://itpm.com/data/Then simply click on the “Buy Now” Button. At checkout, you will be redirected to PayPal where you can complete your annual subscription. You will then be re-directed to the Institute website from PayPal and you will receive automatic access. 

If this does not occur automatically it is more than likely that your PayPal payment has not gone through properly and we are yet to receive the funds. The problem will be on your side. The quickest way to resolve this is to contact PayPal first to check on your payment, then follow up with a message to the Institute via the contact form of the Institute website detailing your transaction. If your payment has been fully processed then we will check your payment and that the payment has successfully cleared, then we will manually give you access to Institute Data via the backend of the Institute website. 

Please Note: To subscribe to the Data section you must register first as a general subscriber on the Institute website.

If you are an Institute Trader and want to subscribe to the Data section, you can do so in the same way as detailed above.

6. Can I download the Spreadsheets / Data once the Institute has uploaded them to the Data section of the website?

Yes of course! You can download the Spreadsheets. The Spreadsheets can be viewed on all devices. As a subscriber, you can download the Spreadsheets and save them offsite into your own folders to so you can organise them personally and even use the spreadsheets and do your own work on them.

7. Do I receive notifications of Data uploads / updates?

Yes. Every spreadsheet / dataset that is uploaded generates an instant automatic notification email to your inbox. This will allow you to react to important market sensitive data in a timely manner if necessary.  

8. Do I have to pay monthly or annually for the subscription?

All subscriptions are annual and the payment is a one off payment for a one year up front subscription. When logging in as a subscriber, you will see a date in the top right hand corner of the screen which shows the date that your subscription expires. You will then have to subscribe annually again once this expires by making another one year upfront payment each year, in order to receive another year’s access.

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